What’s an easy diet I can try?

I’m 16 and about 220 pounds, for the most part I run every other day after school, but I think I can speed up the process of me losing weight by dieting. 

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    6 months ago
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    Actually, you cannot lose weight just by exercising. You always need to couple it with a good diet. The reason is that the only time you are losing weight (body fat) is when you burn more calories than you consume.  If you do not watch what you eat, you will simply replace the calories you burn off with more calories.  First, search the answered section for Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).  This will help you make good plans for your diet.

    BTW: exercise is important, but lookup aerobic exercise which is better for losing weight than running.

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    sleep a lot, you're not eating so you lose weight

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    My dad started a high protein, low carb diet 10 weeks ago and he has lost 18 kgs to date. He also does 2 hours of walking a day, now he's progressing to jogging/running. Losing weight involves 80% diet, 20% exercise.

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    The easiest is the seefood diet.

    See food and eat it!

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    Don't bother dieting. You may lose weight on a diet but as soon as you stop the diet you will regain the weight. 

    You have to change your eating habits permanently if you want to lose and not regain weight.

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    Why Do People Fail with Most Diets?

    The title of this article is a bit tricky. It really is. How come? If we're getting to be completely honest with ourselves, most diet programs currently on the market work. You know it. I know it. Everybody who has been on a diet of some kind knows it. This is not a secret.After all, those books would not be on the market and people wouldn't be buying them if they did not work at some level or other. They go through some sort of selection system. The market takes care of itself. Things that employees tend to sell more and that they get tons more visibility. You only got to check out the bestseller lists of diet books to urge a transparent understanding that these diets work.The problem isn't whether or not they assist you to lose pounds. That goes without saying. They wouldn’t exist if that weren’t true. If they didn’t do their job, they might not exist. They would not be available on the market if they didn’t at some level or other work.

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    Weight loss and management is mostly (80%) diet, so if you want to lose weight, controlling your portion sizes and calorie intake are essential.

    "Easy" depends on what you find easy or difficult.  Here are some things to try:

    1. Use an app like Lose It, MyFittnessPal, or Chronometer to track everything you eat and drink.

    2, Set a daily calorie maximum of 1800 calories.

    3. Weight and measure your portions, don't just eyeball them.

    4. Eat a lot of vegetables and cut way back of bread, cereal, pasta, rice, sweets, junk food,  fast food, milk and juice. Work with your parents to purchase and select healthy options.

    5. Don't snack and don't consume any calories after 7 PM.

    6. Get  30 minutes of exercise every day.  You don't ever need to run, but feel free to do so.  There are hundreds of YouTube exercise videos you can follow. Try different ones and mix up what you do.  The goal is 30 minutes every day -- even if it is just taking a walk. 

    7. Be aware of when you feel like eating. Try to address issues like boredom, stress, anger, tiredness, etc. directly rather than using food.

    8. Drink a lot of water -- probably 100 ounces a day.

    9. Get plenty of sleep.

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    6 months ago

    My son just lost 33 lbs and improved his lab work. He eats a largely vegetable centered diet and no fat except for occasional meat for b12. In addition, he walks an average of mine miles a day. I wouldn't say it's easy per se but way better than having no regard for best health practices. As a minor, unless you buy your food, you'd need to coordinate with your parents and need to discuss this with them.

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    Your diet (what you eat) is 80% of what controls your weight. Exercise plays a lesser part. Make a lifestyle change if you want to keep the weight off long term. A healthy/balanced diet consists of 50% complex/healthy carbs, 30-35% protein (55 g/day for women, 60g for men), and 20% fats (polyunsaturated, monosaturated and omega-3 fatty acids) 


    You can determine what your daily calorie intake should be, based on your body size, sex, age, and activity level here https://www.freedieting.com/calorie-calculator

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    Losing weight is about 85% what and how much you eat, around 15% activity. If you can find a change to your present eating habits, it will be way more effective than the exercise. (Which is also good!)

    The basics are so simple to know--and so hard to do. Eat smaller portions of the right kinds of foods. Make foods high in fat or sugar a treat rather than something you have fairly often.

    Eliminate fried foods completely. That's french fries, fried chicken, potato and corn chips, mozzarella sticks, etc. Eliminate non-diet soft drinks and juice completely. (You can have diet soft drinks and the fruit the juice is made of.) Eliminate candy, sweet baked goods, and ice cream.

    Limit fats like oil, butter, margarine, peanut butter, and mayonnaise, and measure them so you never overindulge. Limit carbohydrates--bread, cereal, rice, pasta, potatoes--to a serving the size of your fist. When a carb is available in a whole grain version, take it.

    Eat lots of lean protein (white-meat poultry, fish, shellfish, beans, lean ground turkey or chicken), lots of fruit, lots of vegetables. Enjoy low fat or fat-free dairy products, or dairy substitutes like soy or almond milk. Drink enough water than your pee has almost no color.

    Count calories at first, while you settle in. Teens need 1500 - 1800 per day. Don't go lower, since your loss will be muscle rather than fat if you do. You'll probably lose if you have the occasional day of 2100, but not too often.

    It's difficult to give up the way we've been eating much of our lives, but that's how we got fat and stayed that way. You have to make a basic change. Don't think of it as a diet which will one day be over, but as a change to healthy eating that you intend to be permanent.

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    Dieting will work wonders compared to exercise.  You can eat less, or you can omit some foods.  Many people find that eliminating bread works well, but any sort of junk food will do

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