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Do sharks and fish ever stop moving?

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    Some species of shark and fish can "rest" and maintain running water in and out of their gills. Their tails will move ever so slightly to stay in position, eyes open, but just at rest mode. Not sleeping, really just conserving energy. And many reef dwelling species will camp out in kelp, the rocks, the coral, whatever and stay put for a time, then move on. I think it's a myth that's been busted. They can move their gills freely, it's not like they have to keep swimming forever to live. 

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    Yes, When they Died...

  • 2 months ago

    Not really. Movement ensures that water with oxygen constantly flows through and over their gills. I’m sure they can be still for short time periods but it wouldn’t be very long.

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    They used to say sharks don't stop, or they'll die. But they've found them 'asleep' hidden away.

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    Yeah, when they die...

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