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Why do people get the death penalty if they smuggle drugs in Asian countries?


"their country their laws" no shhh...sherlock!

Update 2:

just my personal opinion, i respecr if u dont feel da same but ya i get that people who smuggle drugs in any country should be highly prosecuted and serve big time n even get their passport revoked, n i get the devastating effects on ecomy but killing someone for a non murder or direct physical harm on person is a little inhumane for me. And i knoe ur gonna reason it out, but not havin a even a little human compassion despite they did, is just a little 2 much for me . But dats just how i feel

Update 3:

@Anonymous no it aint misuse, even though theres some typos u obviously had da ability to understand it. Whats so obviously, whats obvious is the death penalty should be those who murder people anyone else should have other punishments. I never said da devestaring affects on economy for those who caused it that we should symparhize with them and that its humane. no! i said above those who smuggle deserve high time in prison yes, but to kill them when they havent directly anyone as punishment 

Update 4:

@anonymous (continued...) dosent make sense to me. just common sense. now reason dat out

Update 5:

@jimmy, so r u generalizing all drug smugglers and dealers as killers? i know alot of them from tv that they never once killed anybody, but yeah there are some that do. ya i know they know its a risk and choice ...and they deseverve punishment but hanging or shooting someone to death because they bought illegal substances is a bit harsh. jailing them for a decade or more, hard labor, or deportation n banned from country would be more sensible n fair. Those that do shoot and butcher people should

Update 6:

get the death penalty. But i respect ur opposinviewpoint nonethe less. im just saying mine. 

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    That is the penalty the respective countries have decided on.

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    Drug smugglers and drug dealers kill a lot of people and ruin the lives of many more, so they deserve all they get. The death penalty acts as a deterrent. Every drug smuggler knows those are the risks, so it is a choice. 

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    Interesting intentional misuse of the English language.

    Yes, if the death penalty is in place for smugglers and a person smuggles, they get the death penalty.  Seems pretty obvious to me.

    Right, the devastating effects on ecomy for non-murder IS a little inhumane for you, and we both knoe you gonna reason it out.

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    Drug abuse is a real drain on an economy

    especially in a society that is more socialist than is our own

    for example: one that offers free medical care

    for example: one where criminals are imprisoned, and crimes of various sorts are associated with illegal drug trade.

    It's had a huge negative effect on our own economy, of course

    and these nations with much smaller economies realize that it would have a more devastating effect on their economies.

    The more successful these governments are at preventing drug abuse

    the more successful these governments are at performing well economically.

    Also: the fewer people incarcerated

    the more successful these governments are at performing well economically.

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    That's their laws. Drugs are rampant, e.g. the Golden Triangle is one of the world's largest poppy-growing areas & source of an array of opiates. Historically, they are well aware of the costs, damages, horrors of the drug trade, opium wars, etc. They don't want criminal organizations undermining their countries' development. They don't want huge & costly healthcare crises. Severe penalties do deter a lot of people from getting involved in the drug trade.

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    their country, their laws ...........................

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