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Why do Europeans have such a problem with civilization ORIGINATED in black lands?

Why lie about it? And then sanctify this lie with holy books?🤔


Here comes the lies 

Was Kemet and Nubia CIVILIZED?

What criteria of civilization is used?

Books represents civilization. And books were burned by conquerors.  THESE ARE FACTS, LIARS.....👁️

Update 2:

Blu answer me 

What about the experts say anything about this VERY REAL ANCIENT Black CIVILIZATION.

I won't get the definition for you. I "believe" you are smarter than that.

Update 3:

Blu you just showed how brainwashed you are. If books were burned and the populace displaced. How do you think the culture would be preserved? Your lies are bs.

Look no further than JEWS.

WHO supposedly suffered the same fate from this mystical land. But kept a culture in tact by sanctified books.

I see the old switcheroo with man's history with religion.

It's like coloring books to me......👁️

Color in white where black use to be while destroying and making a new sinister BLACK 

Update 4:

Why do 👁️ get silence whenever I mention KEMET as a black civilization.....🤔

Anyone dare tell me I AM wrong about Kemet?

Of course, explain why!

Whether Hebrew, Christian , and/or Muslim....🤭

Update 5:


I don't want to hear this bs.

You know about Kemet or not?🤔

Update 6:

Free advice

Heaven and hell are here on Earth.

I don't concern myself with things of the dead.... unless it's advice from them about my LIFE......

Update 7:

John P fair enough

I 👁️ seen a map of ancient Africa in rich person's JEWISH home once. I never forgot it. And the 3 CIVILIZATIONS I remembered most. But it was more with captions on their histories/origins. Then I research EGYPT and it's origins. I was on my way from that point on. Collecting bits and pieces here and there.

Why do you think you are right just because YOU never heard this before?🤔

The complex and it's universal among non black..towards black people.

This speaks for itself.

Update 8:

This is for all you fake

If Kemet, khemet, WHATEVER was insignificant, uncultivated, uncivilized but BLACK.

And these names were not European given. Doesn't this mean somebody somewhere in that culture in that time could read and write..........🤔

No matter how primitive it's perceived.....meaning C I V I L I Z A T I O liars.👁️

Update 9:


This was pre internet.....meaning books.

Also it's just not Kemet I researched. The whole ancient Africa....with BLACK CIVILIZATIONS.

The same trick done to the American natives for justifications.

And this map, was the first I seen not in modern form. So it intrigue me. Along with captions of it's MANY HEROES, PHILOSOPHERS, KINGS, WARRIORS, ETC.

AND then to hear this is not so because the Bible or whatever reason is A BOLD FACE LIE....."that's universal" for some reason......🤔

Update 10:

You people are crazy.

Tina provided documentation these people existed. I know they existed. SEMITES know they existed.

Yet these clowns think war throughout all this time didn't destroy the evidence. Pre religion.......

Where did brother originated between black people?  And why?

Why do Muslims refer to black men as brother? From the time I was little until now.....🤔


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  • Tina
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    6 months ago
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    Jerome, if you had looked up Kemet, the first article you would have found is this one which agrees with much of what you say, apart from your forays into antisemitism with your nonsense about 'sanctified books'.

    What you are saying is nothing new. Although not everyone agrees with it.

    Why are you reinventing the wheel?


    What is the relevance of seeing a map in a JEWISH home, pray? and why did you waste your time 'researching' and looking up bits and pieces where, as you can see by the article I referred you to, it has all been done.

    And not everyone agrees.


    Surely your research taught you that the Bible is not especially influential with historians and archaeologists - where did you get the idea that it was?

  • 1 month ago

    Well, anyone with a little intelligence and a bi of honesty would be aware that the bible nonsense cam from the Kemet people (black Egyptians)  Ancient Egyptians referred to their homeland as Kmt (conventionally pronounced as Kemet). According to Cheikh Anta Diop, the Egyptians referred to themselves as "Black" people or kmt, and km was the etymological root of other words, such as Kam or Ham, which refer to Black people in Hebrew tradition.

  • garry
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    6 months ago

    do they have a problem , well i think not , seems most americans have a problem with blacks ..

  • 6 months ago

    Civilization came when humans settled down to raise crops. Before that they were in the hunter-gatherer stage. Why did they settle down? Someone figured that they could raise more barley with less work than they could by moving from wild patch to wild patch. Why barley? What else can you use to brew beer? So, give thanks to the Babylonian goddess Ninkasi, who taught humans to brew. And she was not black. Nor were they.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Both the Asker and every other answerer on this question before me, has this a bit muddled. Everyone has some sort of point but no-one is really on-question. Ludwig came closest with the Kemet meaning black soil thing. You should all, all of you read Hallet's 1970s book, "Pygmy Kitabu" and also Barbara G Walker's excellent Encyclopedia of Women's Myths and Secrets. Yes, there was a Kemet also spelled Khmet and it was just another word for Egypt, synonymous with Egypt. Both Blacks and Whites came from the same pure race, the Pygmy race of Ruwenzori the "Mountains of the Moon". The pure Pygmy race carried the genes containing the potential characteristics for either Black or White skin, green or blue irises and sickle cell anemia. They were the origin of pre-pharoahonic and First Dynasty Egypt. Our Civilisation still carries the original name of the Greek Hellenised Ptolemaic "Horus", id est Heru in the Goddess named Hera and Heracles or Hercules originally her son. The myth was changed when patriarchal Greeks made Metis of Crete into the Gorgon Medusa and Atana Potinija of Crete into Athena born from the male father God's headache. Zeus was a little snake god Meilichios on Crete. Read Riane Eisler, The Chalice and the Blade and Joseph Campbell's Occidental Mythology. By the way, Atlantis was just the Atlas Mountains before the water receded; didn't "sink" but rose. Egypt also gave us the number 7 from Set's axe glyph and the words September and septuagenarian. Sex and six both come from the Egyptian word seshemu. And alchemy and chemistry come from Kemet. People need to be at peace now. Nota- bene : Invaders did NOT always prize books and frequently DID burn books. 

    Source(s): Hallet's Pygmy Kitabu, Barbara G Walker's Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, Riane Eisler Chalice and the Blade, Campbell's Occidental Mythology
  • 6 months ago

    It really doesn't matter where we came from it only matters where we are going.

    Will it be heaven or Hell?   It is your choice. which one will it be for you?

  • Ann
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    6 months ago

    Why did those civilizations sell Blacks into the slave trade? Because it was a common practice for the winner of a war to make losers slaves. 

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

     single women origin sounds very faith based not fact based

    but if you want to know why that theory is so greatly ignored..

    it would mean Neg*ro*ids are a lower form of life between Caucasians and Mongoloids 

    fact or fiction this is not a subject people are willing to discuss but reject such a notation 

    the study of history is just that a study 

    not a  statement of superiority as you just want to make people upset

    who people are who people were has no bearing on who I am or who you are

    IF I live a productive life or a life of slothfulness has nothing to do with you or the past 

    I stand or fall on my own merit and efforts

    While burned books is common story,, in mass burning of printed books* some would always survive in one hiding or another 

    As well I doubt at all a conqueror would burn books as much as take them as prizes of war.. burning books in acts of war would be incidental not intent 

    if you reference is the burning of the library of Alexandria - it is not clear who actual burned it or it was a accident of war, but a bulk of those "hand written books" were Roman and Greek and other nations collections as a second safe haven in just the event of such occurrences  

    Note the same stories of Cortés, conquering Aztecs of book burning yet no written language other than hieroglyphics ever have been found  - while some story telling in rough form not a true book format for the masses to learn from 


    added response to anonymous 

    yes books would be burned by un-civilized people ignorant people. they would have no idea what they had thinking it was nothing useful  

    this ignorance was for the most part of people who had no written language, no books and thus nothing but word of mouth mythology 

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    What civilization? The primitive civilization that existed when progressive people left Africa and left those not taking a risk and not developing (faster) behind.

    Ancient Egypt- or Kemet- has never been a "black" nation. The ancient Egyptians were a mixture between people from the MIddle East (whose skin color was like Arabs and Israelis), North Africans (who were NEVER black, but more like Morrocans) and Somalis (the smallest gen pool of Ancient Egyptians).

    Their skin color was brown and not black. Besides, people in the very north of Africa have never been black. The climate near the Mediterranean has only led to a brown skin color.


    Black are people south of the Sahara and partly people in the Sahel zone. Ancient Egypt originated far more north of the Sahel zone, thousands of kilometers, closer to West Asia than to Subsaharan Black Africa. 

  • Marli
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    6 months ago

    Every civilization has had an origin story that explains why they are where they are. I have no problem with that.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I don't think you know what civilization means. Anthropology which is the scientific study of humans, human behavior and societies in the past and present, indicates the first civilizations developed outside of Africa. Paleontology which includes the study of fossils, indicates the first hominids walking upright, migrated f/ Africa. There were early societies in Africa but because they didn't leave "their mark" are not considered a civilization. 

    I'll give an example. If they didn't have a way to record their language for posterity, it's probably just primitive peoples.


    You still don't get it? There are thousands of yrs. where remnants like bones indicate primitive peoples lived. But, because their society lacked ample sophistication for posterity, too little is known to considerate it civilization. I already told you, anthropology (ie. text books) indicate the first civilizations developed outside of Africa. This is considered fact until/if something new is discovered. Your opinion doesn't qualify as a new discovery. I rarely repeat myself ... you are an exception ... you're welcome.

    "Sumer, located in Mesopotamia, is the first known complex civilization, developing the first city-states in the 4th millennium BCE. It was in these cities that the earliest known form of writing, cuneiform script, appeared around 3000 BCE."

    Early societies where Egypt is are known to have existed but then we're back at the definition of "civilization". It's also important to note, although Egypt is on the African continent, it's roots are considered Mediterranean far more so than African. How many hairs do you want to split?

    The earliest hieroglyphics are about 5200 yrs. old but Neanderthal man drew art paintings on cave walls too.

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