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Do you miss your pet who crossed the rainbow bridge?

My pet passed away recently and I wake up everyday missing it. I had it for 7 years. It was a lively and playful pet that I would never think it would die this year. I've never seen it weak until it came close to dying. It was my friend and I don't have any human friends. I am going back to school soon, and it is sad to think that I won't be seeing my friend when I come home anymore. I am socially awkward and people (classmates, teacher, staff), look at me weird and snicker at me. It was comforting to come home and play with my pet, and forget all the bad moments in school. Now there is no pet to comfort me, no pet to show me love unconditionally, no more fun.

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    When my pet first passes away, yes I miss them HORRIBLY!   It literally hurts.

    But I can honestly say that in time it goes away.   I still remember the pets I had 30 years ago and I still love them and remember them fondly.   But I no longer miss them.

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    RAINBOW BRIDGE... I Think you had a GAY PET... 

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    Yes, each and every one (and there have been many over the years).

    For various reasons, I'm not sure I do Rainbow Bridge to be honest.

    Perhaps, given time, and the right circumstances, your parents may decided to bring another little friend into the family.   Try not to dwell on the 'he/she's not there' but on the good times you have had.   It's a sad fact that our pets simply don't live as long as we do, so losses are pretty much inevitable.   And it hurts.   But the hurt will lessen over time even if there will be events that bring it all back - like the fallen apples out back which Frankie used to delight in bringing indoors, dropping one on his bed and looking to me to cut it up for him.   This summer, his apples fell and sat there making me think Oh Frankie, your apples are here.....................

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    Yes, indeed I just do.

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    Of course. I miss my Murphy boy every day. The anniversary of his death is coming up soon, unfortunately. He was only 3 when we had to put him down. Breaks my heart. He would be here, in a house, chasing his brothers up and down the stairs and have his pick of where to lounge. It sucks. I miss that kitty all the time. He was such a butthole, but dammit... But that's the chance you take with every pet you get. You know their lives are shorter, know you will outlive them, KNOW that you only get a few great, amazing years with these silly beings, but we still do it to ourselves.

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    I haven’t had a pet pass away but I’ve known a few animals who were close to my heart pass away, sometimes in quite terrible circumstances.

    But I thought I would answer your question as it touched my heart. It can initially be difficult to find friends (and your pet cannot be replaced with all the unconditional love) but in the end you’ll always make meaningful connections as you go on in life. When you are younger it is not common to make life long friends who are compatible with you in most scenarios. It might help you meet with a counsellor at school to discuss your social awkwardness and how you could perhaps approach people. I’m sorry for your loss too, and maybe you could get another pet, you know so many pets want loving homes and have had traumatic experiences in life. It would be great if a loving person like you could give them another chance in life.

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