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Is the US the only country where sales tax is figured at the checkout?


All 50 states are the parts of the United States of America. 

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    It is a very rare situation, but unless knowing every country's structure in retail pricing of goods and services, I cannot know for certain, and I could not find easy research into a list. Some products in the USA have an excise tax included in a price that is before any state and local sales tax. The USA has some import duties that are also included in the price before state and local sales tax. However, there is no national level sales tax in the USA, commonly known as VAT, Value added tax. Canada has provincial taxes and I am not sure whether prices displayed always include them or not. This addition of state and local sales tax in the USA is isolated on the bill so customers know how much money is going to state and local governments and so they can also check whether that tax is correct and proper on the items. 

    Sometimes, a retail establishment in the USA posts that prices include taxes.  

    As a side related notation, US States make their own laws and some have shelf posted price versus actual item price at the register laws for when the register price is higher than that posted. Nevada, where I live, has no such law, but there is a law that if there is a discrepancy and customer inquires about the difference, a cashier claiming "It is the sales tax" as the difference commits a misdemeanor offence subject to a fine and jail time if not true. I have purchased items and cashiers have made this untrue claim on incorrect shelf prices, blaming it on sales tax.  

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    In America, a Sales Tax is at the STATE level only.

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    Every country that has a SALES TAX figures the amount at check out.

    the USA is NOT the only country that uses a SALES TAX.

    A VAT tax is NOT sales tax. 

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    no                                                   .

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