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My son keeps complaining about not getting a toy he wants?

My 9 year old son with autism really likes the character "Swiper" from "Dora the Explorer," and he really wants a plush of him. I looked them up on Amazon and they are a bit pricey. The cheapest one takes a long time to arrive (but even that isn't affordable). Our family is on a tight budget so I can't afford to buy him a Swiper toy. Whenever I tell him I can't afford it, he gets upset and tells me he wants to take Swiper places, play with him, potty train him, dance with him, etc. (Do all these playful things with him.) I hate to bring him down, but it's our finances, it's not my first choice. My son refuses to accept that he isn't getting a Swiper plush and he complains every day about it (with anger, frustration, and sadness). How do I cheer him up?

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    I know the autism part is going to make things more difficult, but when he asks, just tell him a simple 'No, not this time.' and just move on. If he asks again just tell him 'You have already asked this, you know the answer, please ask a different question./ Do you have a question about something else?" Even with autism, he will learn that there are some things that he just isn't going to get his own way with. Re-direct him to an activity or toy he likes and just move away from the topic. He will be fine. 

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    Be a broken record - I'm sorry we can't get one right now. Everytime he says something about it, just repeat the above and nothing more. You could also tell him to put it on his Christmas list or birthday present. You could look at thrift stores to see if you can get a second hand store or a mom to mom sale. 

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    Buy him a different toy. 

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