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A gallon of homogenized, vitamin A, whole milk has a weight ranging from 8.48 - 8. 72 lbs. Determine its volume in cm^3.?



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    1 US gallon is 231 cubic inches

    1 inch is 2.54 cm

    231 * 2.54^3 =>

    3,785.411784 cm^3

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    Doing a google search to find the density of whole milk, I get a range of:

    1.026 g/cm³ to 1.034 g/cm³

    So if we convert the pounds to grams, then we can put them against these densities, then we can get the volume:

    Another google search gave me:

    453.592 g/lb

    So let's do the low end of your lb using the low end of my density, then do the same with the upper end, and see what we get:

    8.48 lb (453.592 g/lb) (1/1.026 cm³/g) = 3,749 cm³ (rounded to nearest whole)

    8.72 ln (453.592 g/lb) (1/1.034 cm³/g) = 3,825 cm³ (rounded to nearest whole)

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    Since the density of the milk is not requested, the weight and content of the gallon is simple misdirection and can be ignored. A US liquid gallon is equal to 3785.41 cm³

    Ans: 3785.41 cm³

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