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Motivation For Losing Weight?

I'm a 16 year old girl. I'm 5'8 and 330 pounds. I look nothing like I should weigh that much, if anything maybe in the low 200. I look slim and curvy but still have some fat and weight. I still feel as though I should try to lose some weight. The only problem is that each time I actually get started exercising I lose motivation and it makes me not want to do it any more. Can someone give my tips and tricks on getting motivated and keeping myself on track. And feel free to give any other advice. Thank You!


I would be nice if some of you will actually give real tips. Please don't be sarcastic or mean. And please don't use the word fat towards me. Its very triggering. I'm really trying to help myself here, because I honestly hate the size that I am. I know 330 pounds is not okay and healthy.

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    80% of fat loss is about your diet (what you eat).. You don't have to exercise at all, although it will help speed fat loss and is good for your general health.


    Cut your portion sizes down.

    Avoid processed foods as much as possible.

    Use the calculator at the link below to determine what your calorie intake should be for fat loss, and check it regularly (when your weight changes or activity level changes, your calorie needs change). 


    Motivation could be things like:

    Improved health

    Not having to buy clothing from specialty stores

    Liking the reflection you see in the mirror

    No more odd looks or comments from people, due to your weight

    Increased confidence

    Don't tire as easily

    Can comfortably fit into regular size chairs anywhere you go

    Positive attention from potential dating prospects

    More comfortably sit behind the wheel of an automobile (to drive)

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    Keep a record of what is your daily goal, what you eat in amount and calories, weight, and exercise. Charting behavior and progress will allow you to determine patterns. Allow a reward for achieving subgoals.

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    try to think about how nice a thinner body would look on you

    maybe buy yourself smaller jeans or something and try them on once a week until they finally fit you

    by the way an easier way to lose weight instead of exercising is just dieting/eating less

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    Venture into the world of Jpop and Kpop and compare their thin, 40kg~48kg bodies with little to no stretch marks to yours. 


    That's always good diet motivation for me. 

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    330lbs is NOT ok. That's way too fat for your height. I'm not trying to be mean since I'm not even fit myself. I am 18lbs overweight and I'm 24.

    You're still very young. That's way too much weight to be carrying. You should keep focusing on losing weight. I know it's very hard but you'll get there. Good luck.

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