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Trump is actively promoting right wing violence in an attempt to help his campaign. When will decent Republicans stand up and say "ENOUGH"?

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    Decent Republicans have, they're called RINOS and it falls on deaf ears because people seem to forget that Donald J. Trump has connections with the mafia, evangelicals and the highest grossing law firm in the world.  Three of the most powerful parties in America who fund everything Trump does. 

    How else do you explain The Trump Administration being able to pressure the FDA and CDC to promote their nonsense, blackmail and threats.

    "Lol the rioters are all blm op. "

    Wrong all rioters have been tied to 3 groups.  1. Anarchists 2. Far-Right Extremists 3. Law Enforcement.

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    Not true.  The president's authority is extended to the armed forces.  This isn't happening.

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    2 months ago

    Lol the rioters are all blm op.

  • 2 months ago

    Joe Biden is an idiot. It's Democrats who are helping Trump.

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