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I feel like I’m not good enough for my boyfriend? ?

I been with my boyfriend for four years I just graduated college this May. I’m working right now I’m a daycare center and I love it. I enjoy working with children and I look forward going to work the thing is that I feel like my boyfriend wants me to go further then where I am which is good I understand but I feel happy where I’m at for now. I feel like I’m still figuring myself out and I’m taking my time. Throughout high school he would do the same when I wanted to choose a career he is more about money which is not bad but I feel like there should be a balance if that makes sense? Not let the fact of having money get too much to your head. I just feel like he’s embarrassed of what I do sometimes because he’ll tell people that my career is something different and it makes me feel bad. I also want to move out of my parents house (for personal space and I feel like I want to just live and find who I really am) I’m not forcing him to live with me but he backs me out of this and starts saying that he wants to buy a house together but sometimes I don’t know if I see us together because sometimes it feels like we have really different views in what we want 


I should have mentioned in my state where I live I am making more than minimum wage because of my degree since I’m working in downtown area. I honestly make more than my boyfriend right now! Which is why it bothers me, I’m not using him for money if that was the case I would go find someone else who is making way more than him. Working with children is not “easy” it can be really hard sometimes but it’s worth it in the end because you teach them something. I’m with the preschool age children. 

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    Maybe you would like to eventually pursue further education in childcare. However, no one should have to stay with someone who is embarrassed of them, that's terrible! 

    I can say that it seems like you and your bf have different goals in life. Perhaps you may want to explore other relationships to see if anyone is willing to be more accepting of who you are and have the same goals as you.. or maybe you want to be single and find who you are as you mentioned. 

    It's not that you aren't good enough for your boyfriend, it's that he's not encouraging you to push yourself without making you feel bad about yourself, and that is the main problem. Please don't ignore what I just said.

    And Piero, there are careers without college degrees, stop judging other people's career choices. You are basically saying that anyone without a degree is copping out at life. You can tilt that chin down a few degrees. Caring for children is so underrated and underpaid, and it is one of the most important and impactful things that is done in our society. 

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    Day care is usually minimum wage. A college degree should prepare you for a career. To continue to "work" in daycare, and not make a serious attempt to start a career, is a cop out. It's avoiding your obligation as an adult, to become a productive person.  You are especially doing your boyfriend a disservice, by not carrying your share of the relationship and your future, financially. You seem to have opted for being a user, taking from him, and not contributing your share. Who paid for your education?  You are letting them- down as well.

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