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I think my cousin hates me?

My cousin are I are 58 months apart so I almost 5 years. I’m 17 and he’s 22 years old. On Tuesday, he told me he doesn’t want us to talk again till mid-December when he’s done with his first semester of college. I do tend to text him a lot and pretty much every day for a while till last month. I do get anxious and upset if he doesn’t respond immediately and will send him more texts till he replies. Today’s his 22nd Birthday and I say happy Birthday to him on Facebook he doesn’t react it but he does to everyone else including after I said it and he’s ignoring my texts. Him and I a very close and it makes me upset he doesn’t want to talk till Mid-December.

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    Sounds like you have driven him a but nuts and not given him enough space. He has friends and classes and activities. Suggestion: Give him time and be respectful of his wishes and of his time and you two will be fine. I am sure he still loves you!

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    Sounds fkn weird. Just focus your life elsewhere, don't even acknowledge them in person too much. They sound like a straight deauche for ignoring you and asking for your silence. You're family! If they don't care about family then screw em, they'll miss you when they're tired of fake *** people

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    He's trying to tell you that you're a pest and to leave him alone.

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