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Can I travel around the states now?

I'm living in NY, and I'd like to travel to Boston, DC, Philly in this September by a bus or a train. Do I have to quarantine myself? How can I check each state's travel restriction? I'm sorry I'm a newbie.

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    Check often. The governor adjusts restrictions to increases or decreases in numbers.

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    Yes, you can but quarantines are required in someplaces depending on where you're from/where you've been. See

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  • Daniel
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    You are just going to have to find each state's COVID rules.  Try Google.  They will probably be posted to each states' health department website and/or tourism site.  

    States that are requiring quarantines are sometimes changing their rules a couple of times a week.  For states like NY that require a quarantine for visitors from specific states, the lists are frequently updated.  You are going to have to keep an eye on those pages a lot.

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