Should I buy Sims 4 from Humble Store?

I was trying to get the Sims 4 for the new Mac I just got, but I don't want to spend $39.99 on Origin for a game I will just be playing every now and then. So I saw that Humble Bundle had the Sims 4 for cheap at basically $15, and the only thing preventing me from buying the game here is that I don't know if it is actually a legit site or how the download process will differ from when you download it from Origin. I also want to install mods and I don't know of getting the game this way will make things harder for me somehow.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Pyrus
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    3 months ago
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    Humble Bundle was the very first "bundle" site, actually. They later expanded into a Humble Store, which sells DRM-free games and Steam keys (depending on the game) individually. Yes, they're legit; they get their keys directly from the publisher/developer. 

    I checked on Steam too, and it's the same 40$ price, by the way, but to get every single expansion and items?? I just did the math and it would cost you a whopping 750$!!! 

    I actually have a couple of games from Humble Bundle store, so if you are alright with only the base game of Sims 4, then go for it :)

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