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Which southern state has the best hospitality?

I know it's hardly Georgia, the Yanks has made it hostile. North Carolina, I'm not sure. 


I'm not interested in the plains states. I'm from the south, but moved away

Update 2:

Why answer the question, if you don't like the US south then? I'm a native southerner and I find the south one of the most diverse parts. I moved away up north and I hate it here.

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    Probably parts of Texas and Arkansas.

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    Hospitality is largely based on the way you interact with people. Southern hospitality is largely a tourist gimmick to get you to spend money.  Actually, I have found more genuine hospitality in the Plains states. 

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    Personally, I would say none of them.

    In my personal opinion, based on my experience while I was in the Navy and stationed down South (and having been sent to many Southern states), I feel that the "Southern Hospitality" reserves for only white people. 

    I will never cross the Mason-Dixon Line again, if I can help it. 

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