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Is eating a raw cow brain a risk for Variant Creutzfeldt Jakob disease?

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  • 7 months ago
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    eating raw meat are ill-advised in any situation.. with the invention of fire and cooking, humans had lost the ability to eat raw food or drink water directly from rivers and open water source safely without getting ill or poisoned.. in extreme survival situations, it is still preferable to cook your food and to boil the water from open sources.. such practices prevent you from getting more serious and far more common infections..

    having said that, Creutzfeldt Jakob disease was the result of consuming human brain tissues (both cooked or raw) with last cases seen on remote Indonesian and east Timor islands where cannibalism had survived into the 21st century.. nowadays Creutzfeldt Jakob disease are mostly seen in cases of contamination (improper handling) related to receiving organ and tissue (near or surround the brain) donations: like receiving donated Eye Corneas, receiving donated Dura matter and receiving donated pituitary gland tissues.. this is rare, but they had happened recently in the US (from a contaminated surgical tool), in New Zealand (from receiving donated Dura Matter), and in Australia (after receiving Pituitary gland extracts)..

    Mad Cow disease was the disease of consuming cow meat and (of course) cow brain.. back in the 1980s, the Mad Cow disease was a huge deal and had caused a major scare worldwide.. the problem started by feeding cows with contaminated food.. this food contained unwanted cow parts, like the brain.. so basically, the industry fed their cows with cow brains.. and just like Cannibalism in humans, it lead to the formation of Prions that are very similar with the Prions of Creutzfeldt Jakob disease.. yes, cannibalism among cows is similar to cannibalism among humans.. among cows, it produced the Mad Cow Disease, while among humans, it produced Creutzfeldt Jakob disease..

    Mad Cow Disease was stopped when new safety standards prohibited the industry from using unwanted animal (mainly cows) body parts into cows feed.. the same reason why chicken unwanted parts are not allowed to be fed to other chickens..

  • Andy C
    Lv 7
    7 months ago

    Prions don't even get cooked out.

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