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How easy can I get by in Tel Aviv speaking Arabic?

I live in America and speak Arabic. I’d love to visit the Middle East it looks so beautiful but unfortunately many countries there don’t like people like me; I’m a trans woman. I know how much of an LGBTQ+ jewel Tel Aviv is and I’d love to visit but I don’t speak any Hebrew. Thank you so much! (Also I was thinking about potentially heading over to Jerusalem as well so if there is any difference with the answer there). Thank you so much ❤️

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    You might do better with Hebrew. And note that, though there are many speakers of Arabic in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, they are mostly not in the uppermost reaches of society. If you are questioned by police or security forces, speak in English. Do not seem to know more than a few words of Arabic.

    I assume that you are aware of the tensions between Israelis and Arabs (Palestinians etc) in Israel and in the Middle East in general. If not, take a crash course in the history of all of that area in the last 120 years!

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    You can see some general information about the use of Arabic here:

    I also hope the uploaded image may assist you from:


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    Since you apparently speak English as well, you would have very little problems communicating in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. English is their second language, and Arabic is somewhat known.

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