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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleFashion & Accessories · 8 months ago

What should I wear for cleaning consultation?

I’ve started my own house cleaning company and just got my first client. They’ve invited me out for a consultation at their home this coming week.

My question is: What should I wear? For cleaning, obviously I dress casually because you can’t be wearing fancy clothes to clean the house. But I feel like if I just show up to the house looking toO casual it’s going to give off a bad vibe. So I’m almost tempted to wear Something a little more fancy. Not fancy, but maybe a casual dress or nice slacks and a blouse? But then they might think, why is a cleaning lady dressing so fancy. I’m not actually scheduled to clean. It’s just a meet and greet.

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  • 8 months ago
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    Basic slacks and a blouse is perfect. A simple pair of basic neutral colored slacks khaki, Navy,  black, or great with a simple shirt gives an impression of professional but not overdone.  You can add a suit style jacket when meeting potential customers. You will look like a business woman running a professional service. Simple pants and a basic shirt can become a work uniform too. No one expects old fashioned ruffled maid's dresses or ratty grey cleaning lady dress and apron anymore. Most cleaning service people wear slacks and a simple shirt or polo shirt whether male or female. You can get your company name embroidered on the front of your shirt for an even more business woman look.

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