Isn't likely that the two biggest reasons why people get shot when the police are trying to take them into custody is stupidity or they?

have committed a crime and don't want to be taken into custody?

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  • Justin
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    2 months ago
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    Top six reasons:

    1) They are drunk;

    2) They are high;

    3) Their 'poor' friends are recording the event on their $600 cellphones for 'social justice';

    4) They are dressed 'ghetto' and act out belligerently using mannerisms and reactions explicitly designed to invoke mortal fear in law enforcement, reinforced with help from Hollywood and its cinema, music, art and video games depicting cop killers and cop killer 'subculture';

    5) Without natural inhibition, (because of drugs or alcohol), or sensible reinforcement by peers, (who are doing the opposite by inciting them to 'fight the power'), they actually believe they can defeat armed gunmen and escape after directly threatening them;

    6) Democrats are making them martyrs of 'social justice' and exploiting them for political reasons while rewarding their surviving family members with fame and money, so they figure there are worse ways to die.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Resisting arrest often leads to them being shot. You can't fix stupid.

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