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why do black americans have problems with the police?

black english do not seem to have a problem

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    A lot of Americans believe that Black Americans deserve special treatment because the Untied States had slavery some 200+ years ago. This is why many people support ridiculous things like Black Lives Matter, even though all Americans, regardless of race or gender are killed by police. Most of the time those people are hostile and it becomes a situation in which the police are forced to use lethal force.

    Looking at a headline here on Yahoo I see that one of the top stories is about someone getting shot and killed by police after a exchange of gunfire. Would you like to take a guess what the race of the police officer and person killed was? If a White person person nobody would care. The local news probably wouldn't even talk about it.

    This sort of double-standard exists to control people and keep certain groups of people in perpetual socioeconomic turmoil. It paints the picture that Blacks are hopeless and implants in their subconscious that the police are always against them. If the media and leftists groups cared about Black people as much as they talk about them they would invest in Black businesses instead of promoting Black Lives Matter and the perpetual victimhood complex.

    You don't have this problem in the U.K. yet because blacks are an extreme minority. What you do have instead is a problem with "Asian" refugees. Muslim rape gangs have raped millions of White English girls and the police have chosen not to respond for fears of being called racist. That could have a lot to do with why minority groups in England don't have a problem with the police.

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