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Why do people say whole bean coffee will be fresher and taste better than ground coffee?

I think it depends more on the type of coffee. I recently got whole bean Starbucks Veranda blend coffee. It tasted horrible after grinding the beans. I then brewed Folgers ground classic roast in the same coffee maker, the new Mr. Coffee I got, with the same amount if grounds and the same amount of water. The folgers was ten times better and tasted great, and richer. And there's no way it is the roast because I like many light roasts, like in Folgers or Maxwell House.

I feel like the quality of beans and where they're sourced from is what people should focus on. I have never had bad diner coffee, or bad hotel coffee, and most of these places I've been to use preground coffee. I figure if it's cheaper, go for it. I'd rather buy quality ground coffee for a reasonable price than expensive whole bean coffee that has cheaply grown beans. Not to mention they give you less for your money with whole bean coffee usually at most places.

Opinions? Thoughts? Comments? Input would be greatly appreciated. All the best.

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    Youre right, the source of the coffee is the most important thing. If you have fresh whole bean coffee thats actually grown in Colombia,  it will taste better than the same thing, thats been ground and drying out for a long time, even not so long, because once its ground its GROUND.

    Back about 2005 the WORLD COFFEE BUYERS CORNERED THE MARKET ILLEGALLY. They shut out all Colombian farmers completely and now their source is 'Colombian beans grown in Arabia". As such its been reported to be at least 20% dirt. Thats beside the point that you cant take seeds from some country and grow them in another country and think its going to be just as good. Its not. TRY Kirkland coffee from Costco. its 100% colombian beans from a coffee farm that the whole world used to buy coffee from. A hefty can  costs less than 12$ US.(its AWESOME)

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  • You’re comparing apples to oranges. The benefit to grinding your own coffee from beans is a fresher taste. Take some of those Starbucks beans and grind them. Put the grinds into a canister and let them sit a few weeks. Make coffee from them and from just ground beans and see if there is a difference. If not, then buy pre-ground coffee.

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