Are there any good semi social media sites to create a profile?

So I'm looking for something where I can create a profile for all my insanity and bits of life.  I can't really seem to find any good sites.  I want something where its a little like social media but not so personal.  A place where I can organize all the information coming at me.  Somewhere I can upload YouTube videos, music, photos, stories, create journals ect but more in a profile way not a feed.  Having a main profile then categories could click on.  It would also be a plus if I could communicate live on the site either by video or mic if I wanted to.  A place to have discussions.  Something that is not trying to push the exchange of monetary value. A place where I can anonymously share.  A place where I can blend my reality and fantasy I guess and others can view it, without it trying to connect me to people irl.  

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