What helps very bad sinus issues?

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    If you feel all-over sick, with a fever, aches, congestion, and general malaise, you have a sinus infection. Most of the time, sinus infections clear entirely in a week to ten days, with or without antibiotics.

    The 'gold standard' for a sinus infection consists of taking two medications.

    One, Mucinex-D. (Not some other type of Mucinex.) It relieves sinus congestion better than anything else I've tried, and I've tried a lot. If it's prescription-only in your state, substitute Advil Cold & Sinus, although it's not as good. Take it at the dosage on the box around the clock.

    Two, Afrin nasal spray, used at night only, and for no more than three nights in a row. (It can be habit-forming, so you can't breathe without it.) It doesn't work immediately but takes 15 minutes or so--but it lasts a good ten hours. It lets you breathe when you're lying down. And then you can sleep!

    But if you don’t have a fever and feel all-over sick, you just have sinusitis, which can be chronic. (Mine is.) Test yourself:

    When you can’t breathe freely through your nose, are there times you blow and get nothing?

    When you blow your nose and it’s productive, is there often a little blood?

    When you lie down on your side in bed, does the lower side of your nose become unable to breathe?

    Yes means the tissues are inflamed, and swelling closes passages that are supposed to be open. Mucus can’t drain. You can’t breathe through your nose very well, especially lying down.

    But there are things you can do to make it better:

    Stay hydrated, so the gunk clogging you up can thin. If your pee is almost colorless, that’s enough.

    Both hot liquids and spicy foods help break up sinus congestion. Have some tea or coffee, some soup, some hot curry or Mexican food. Hot and sour soup from the local Chinese restaurant is especially good for me.

    A humidifier in the room(s) where you spend the most time is helpful. The bedroom for sure. Clean it every few days so you're not distributing bacterial growth.

    A neti pot and warm saline (1/3 tsp. sea salt to 8 oz. warm water) can flush out the crud in your sinuses unless they're packed solid. You will quickly get to where you don't feel like you might drown. Just breathe through your mouth.

    Inhale steam. A hot shower or bath, a visit to the steam room at the gym, opening the dishwasher, or just inhaling deep over your soup or tea helps.

    A tiny amount of petroleum jelly inside your nostrils can minimize irritation there if you're going to pick. (TMI?) It means you’ll have fewer nosebleeds from ripping off dried mucus from delicate tissue.

    Training yourself to sleep on your side rather than your back will minimize snoring.

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