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What Was the U.S. Military Strategy in Vietnam?

In the Second World War, the objective was to get from Normandy to Berlin, and it was accomplished.  In the Pacific, the goal was to beat the Japanese back to their home islands and then force their unconditional surrender.  If the goal in Vietnam was to defeat the North Vietnamese, it would seem that taking Hanoi should have been on the "to do" list.  What was the ultimate military goal of the United States in Vietnam?

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    That's just it, we won every battle but didn't really have one.

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    They Never had one that is why they Lost

  • Anonymous
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    To go around poking every ant's nest on the planet with a stick like a retarded 12 year old and if you get yourself stung, pour gasoline on it and set it alight.

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    Pretty sure the military strategy was to enrich arms dealers.

    Beyond that.........couldn't tell ya. 

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  • 2 months ago

    To prevent north vietnam from invading south vietnam.

    which we did untill we puled out of vietnam

  • martin
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    The ultimate goal was to make the entire country democratic and capitalistic, like America, and to use Vietnam as a toe-hold in southeastern Asia for purposes of trade increasing American corporations' profits.

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    WW2 was "total war" meaning the objective was the complete annihilation of the enemy and/or an unconditional surrender.  WW2 is probably also the last time we will see total war.  That's because of the invention of nuclear weapons.  Imagine being in Germany or Japan's position at the beginning of 1945.  You know the end is near.  So why not launch nukes at your enemies?  You're going to get annihilated anyway, so why not destroy the entire planet?  If the US were to invade North Vietnam with the intention of total annihilation, it's very likely the Chinese would intervene directly (as they did in the Korean War).  That leads to the possibility of nuclear war.

    Sadly, the US military strategy in Vietnam was limited war and a war of attrition.  The plan was to kill so many North Vietnamese and Viet Cong that they would cease fighting.  That's why the US routinely took ground (hills) and abandoned that ground shortly after.  That notion .... that anyone could win a war of attrition on someone else's soil ... is incredibly stupid.  Do know that the US military was extremely effective in the Vietnam War; however, the American people lost the will to fight; and the will to fight is everything. 

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