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how do you feel about the war on consciousness?

inclusive liberalism is silent on mental health a large portion leftists are determinists that unwittingly undermine freedom with neuroscience and artificial intelligence.

religious conservatives uphold institutions but are also silent on this topic may be muttering about Ronald reagan closing care facilities. 

libertarians politically are not libertarian spiritually

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    Reagan closed facilities because they weren't addressing people as spiritual or even intellectual beings and medicine was being used to 'alter' them and make them compliant with government regulations or viewpoints instead. He saw it as a ticking time bomb, along with the plague of street drugs. His hope was to have people return to Church where Americans traditionally attended specifically in order to weed out mental illness at its earliest possible stages and treat it with subtle and tactful methods with great success for centuries.

    It is the move away from 'expected' mandatory Church attendance that has led to social isolation, untreated mental illness, corruption in government and business and most of the rest of society's current social ills. That includes physical illnesses, which were easier to spot too. 

    At one time in the United States, both business and government ethics were maintained by socially requiring Church attendance, a thorough knowledge of the Biblical narratives and allegories and a required expression of one's personal opinions of them given at regular intervals. By giving people a 'common language' through which to compare personal opinions, (the Biblical narratives and allegories), it was very easy to see hidden motives, genuine beliefs, a person's true ethics and personal morals.  It was also 'free' and freely available to all equally. 

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    Speaking as someone whose love of her life is severely, chronically mentally ill..? (Bipolar 1 with psychotic features, possibly schizoaffective. And "pure O" OCD. And ADHD. And a bunch of other stuff.) I don't think "freedom" is necessarily saying: "yeah, we'll just NEVER hospitalize you guys, and leave you to your own devices, yay! Viva anarchy!" BECAUSE..? That just plain doesn't work! People with psychotic mental illness sometimes need to be hospitalized! For their own good, AND for society's good! And sometimes..? Forced hospitalizations may be needed, even! If they're a danger to themselves or others, as it goes. And even when they're not, and they can't be hospitalized by law, if they resist it..? I've seen SO many sad cases where they might have been SO much better off, had they just agreed to be hospitalized for a while! Like.. my great-aunt is schizophrenic, and refuses ALL help, and ALL meds! She's not a danger to herself or others, but she's still utterly MISERABLE! And entirely non-functional! She's shut out ALL the people in her family who used to care about her, due to anxiety, paranoia and psychosis! And has basically been left to just EXIST.. Until one day she dies, lost and alone! Which is a tragic as SH*T story!! I know psych meds often suck, and can have some awful side effects, so I am personally somewhat conflicted in how I view them. And very involved in, with my partner: "okay, this one seems to work great! I like what it's doing!" Versus: "I f*cking HATE this med! It turns you into a numb, drowsy, overeating zombie! Can we please find something else, instead???" 

    So yeah... I totally get why psych meds are NOT a fun time! But sometimes, for some people, being on at least some amount of psych meds..? Is by FAR the lesser of two evils! In cases like that of my great-aunt, for instance..? What the f*ck have people got to lose, by at least TRYING it?? (They can always get off it, if they prefer their baseline "normal" state, instead.) And even with more minor cases of mental illness..? They can still be helpful, for some! I had a colleague once, who said she experienced minor anxiety and depression, who got put on SSRIs. Which, she found them IMMENSELY helpful! And says they've 100% improved her life, and made her a better friend / partner / parent, better at her job, etc! So.. there is obviously a nuanced, complex picture, here. That can't just be reduced to: "YAY, psych meds are awesome!!!" Vs. "NAY, psych meds are the DEVIL!!!"

    As for hospitalization, again..? The love of my life, while not a fan of medical institutions, and having a distinct fear of getting permanently "institutionalized", as he says..? Still also has self-insight, to the point of occasionally realizing, and agreeing that: "okay! I am REALLY not doing well, right now! I need to stay at the hospital for a while, to get better!" And in fact..? Sometimes even WANTS to get hospitalized! Because his brain is giving him hell, to the point that it is PAINFUL! Which is a perspective most people that are NOT mentally ill to that extent struggle with understanding at times, me thinks. Especially the ones that are TOTALLY anti psych meds and hospitalization.

    Conversely, though..? I do have a schizophrenic friend, too, who has chosen NOT to get treatment. And I guess she's somewhat managing. She's managing much better than my great-aunt, for one thing! BUT..? She's often in pain, too! A lot of pain, and fear, and anxiety, and darkness! And I keep thinking: "seriously, though? Couldn't you just try a low dose of something, for a WHILE? Not forever, and you could later get off it, sure. But just for NOW! Because you're struggling so much right NOW!" But meh... No such luck. And ya know what it really reminds me of..? It reminds me of a patient of mine, who's also EXTREMELY skeptical of taking meds! (I'm also a nurse, at a nursing home, as it just so happens.) Who's got lots of physical pain, and I will offer her painkillers, and she will just blankly look at me and say: "no." Upon which I'll say: "you realize, when you decline that, that you are choosing to be in pain, right?" And she just nods, and I of course have to respect her wishes, and she just lies there suffering in bed, for hours on end. Which is SAD, really. :(

    Source(s): My thoughts about it. I have a lot.
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    What nonsense.

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    They're allowing, nay encouraging mentally ill people to pretend to be the opposite gender! 

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