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Are cats the only animal that have their own drug (catnip)?

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    First: recognize that catnip has the same effect on several feline species. So: it's not cat-specific, but more like feline-specific (and: as far as we know).

    About 1/3 of cats are "immune" to catnip.

    There are several other plants that cause cats to act similarly, including often being effective with catnip-immune cats. Examples: valerian, silver vine.

    Some things that you might consider "animal-specific drugs"

    Locoweed (in general affects horses and cattle, livestock apparently like the flavor, preferring locoweed to several alternatives, but over-indulging causes a sort of poisonous effect called "locoism", one of the symptoms of which is abnormal behavior)

    Some animals (including dogs and cats) have been affected by toad secretions (after licking a toad), and in some documented cases these animals seek out toads to repeat the experience.

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    Homo sapiens too

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    Did kitty get into your ditchweed?

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