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Is it true So called legendary cricket according to ausstrailians - Donald breadman hit only 6 sixes in his career?

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    You should give some respect the name man. He is not "so called legend". He is a genuine legend. 

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    You ask every batsman that has played for his country.

    Hit lots of 6's and get out under 50


    hit only a hand full of 6's and finish with a 99.94 over 20 years

    Would not be hard to pick, even for a sh1t for brains Anon

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    yes,it is trus.He is a legendary cricketer

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  • 2 months ago

    So they so, but it's not that good hitting sixes if you can score so many runs!

  • 2 months ago

    ironically, Sachin Tendulkar has achieved 12 centuries of his 50 in test by hitting a six. Clearly proves who's better and has more class.

    If it was not for the bad umpiring, Sachin could have easily scored 120-140 centuries with way higher avg in both formats.

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    It is true.  Bradman is still legendary.  Power is not that impressive. Consistency is impressive. A career (spanning 20 years)  batting average in Test cricket of 99.94 is mind-blowing. It is 37 points ahead of the next man with a substantial career average (spanning 10 years), Australia's Steve Smith at 62.84.

    His score of 334 runs in one innings is tied for 11th place all-time after 90 years.

    In First Class cricket, Bradman is again at the head of the class. A career spanning 22 years yielded an average of 95.14. Second place, also over 22 years, is Vijay Merchant at 71.64.

    Bradman played far more matches and innings in First Class cricket than anyone else on the list of players who hit for a high career average.

    His score of 452 not out is #3 on the all-time list of most runs in an innings in First Class after 90 years.

    Bradman proved that power wasn't necessary. Taking big swings might wow the fans but it is a much-less efficient way to bat. 

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    yes lol. Even my dog will hit atleast 50 sixes if he had shitty

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    2 months ago

    In his test career yes.

    He decided that if you hit the ball in the air, there was a chance of getting caught, so he hit the ball on the ground and was happy to gather 4s. That is part of the reason he averaged 99 when he retired, which is over half as much again than any sub continent cricketer could manage.

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