How can people wear those cheap $2 flip flops?

I see so many people wear those $2 flip flops from those dollar store or Old Navy. Not only are those so flat and flimsy, but the straps are so hard that they blister and cut up my feet. The best flip flops, which I personally wear, are either Reef or Sanuk flip flops. Those are really comfortable and since the straps are made of cloth, they stretch and break in. Not to mention they are more durable and less like to break on you.

So how can people wear those $2 flip flops? Aren't those painful and uncomfortable to wear?

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  • 3 months ago

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  • edward
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    5 months ago

    they are not made for long term, they are made for literally short term wear, i mean i have a pair i wear at the beach because i don't want my regular ones to get sandy

  • 5 months ago

    Lettering my husband write this because he agrees to a point:  "I wear the $2 flipflops in the water if the lake or river bottom has lots of sharp stones, rocks, weird vegetation, or empty mussel and clam shells. Even cut your foot on a broken clam shell? Or tried walking across a bed of zebra mussel shells? Ouch. I don't mind shredding a 2$ pair. For smooth beach sand, kayaking, canoeing easy trails or just plain hanging out and wandering around I'm totally with you on the sanuks and reefs. I have a pair of reefs that lasted five years. And I have them hanging on the deck at the cottage because the bottle opener still works." 

  • 5 months ago

    I was wearing flip flops today at the beach and they hurt my feet and made them itchy so I had to take them off and walk barefoot.

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  • My sis; loves her 2 dolla flips, lol! I personally hate flip flops, but flip flops with cloth straps sounds real comfy, must be! Gonna goggle it, might just give that as a gift to the sis.

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