Does it mean I have feelings for him? ?

I went out on 1 date with him and I broke up because he has a bit different lifestyle 


when I’m stressed I think about him.

2-before going to sleep if I’m having insomnia I think about him, and it helps me sleep.

4-I have daydreams about him and about us making love together 

5-I had dreams that we were making love and I was happy.

6-On that date when I went out with him I was so embarrassed of him.

7-because I ended things he used to text me and I deactivated my account for 3 months, when I got it back I texted him and I had been happy for 2 weeks thinking about him again 

8- when ever I feel like I want to text him or call him I back off and say but, it won’t work out as u assumed.

9-when we were talking we had weird feelings together like becoz of the corona it took us time to c each other, so I was thinking on the exact moment I want him to hug me from the back he was like I have weird feelings toward u like I’m hugging u I can feel u and this is how I felt... 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    you're not thinking about him as a person, you're thinking about love and how lonely you are

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