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Why doesn't he want me to find someone new?

We've been dating for 11 months. A few months ago, BF brought up marriage talk and we would see next year. But now he doesn't want marriage at all but I told him I would want at least engagement. He said we will see. I then said if it doesn't work out next year, we can both find new partners....but then he said "you don't need to find someone new". Does this mean I should just be patient and see how it goes?

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    You've been dating less than a year. He may just not be ready to get married yet. He may want to have a better job before he does or have more money saved since weddings are expensive,so are houses and babies. Some men literally have goals they want to reach before they walk down the aisle. 

    Now.. you may not realize this,but when you basically layed down the ultimatum to him that if he doesn't at least ask you to marry him (get engaged) by next year that you're going to end things.. That says to me you're more concerned with being married than actually being married to him. IF the guy I was dating said that to me. I would seriously have some major second thoughts about even being with him.  You marry someone because you want a life with that person. Not just for a last name,a ring or for the sake of a commitment. If those are what you're looking for and not a lifetime with him, then do this poor man a favor and let him find someone who genuinely wants him. 

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     very smart man  never never never ever ever ever never sign a marriage contract in the United States

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