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How common is cheating in college? I have never snitched but it seems to happen more than it should. And the varsity blues thing makes me?

Wonder how many people cheat at some point.

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  • Scott
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    5 months ago
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    I think a lot of people plagiarize to some extent on their written work, but it’s much harder to cheat on a proctored examination. That’s because you have a strict time limit and the professor is walking around watching people.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Don't cheat and don't worry what anyone else is doing. If you get caught you run the risk of being suspended or getting an automatic failure, you lose the tuition for that class at least (possibly others if they suspend you) and having to do some kind of sanction to continue. It will not look good on your record. I would say less than 5 people get caught cheating a year at my institution. It stays on your record. Don't do it.

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