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Chess: What move do you play next as white?

2 dumb dumbs playing chess

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    The key to chess is to get control of the center of the board.   All the pawns can do is take out pawns 45 degrees to the front sides.   I would use my queens pawn to take out a pawn in front, leaving a straight shot for my queen to hit the opposing pawn on the other side,   then the queen can go sideways and take them all out.   However any two players who get into this kind of mess are about 5 years old.  

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    c4 takes d5.--- opens up a diagonal for the king's bishop (Bishop takes b5 check), and then things go downhill for black.

  • 2 months ago

    play one pawn for one pawn till you use your back pieces and battle to the death

  • 2 months ago

    c4xd5, theoretical win for White.

    Source(s): Stockfish
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  • I always make a path for the bishop

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