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Do any iPhones comes with 5G yet? If so which ones?

Does the iPhone SE come with 5G?

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    8 months ago
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    and note that most of the population doesn't have access to ***ACTUAL*** 5G networks yet.

    You might want to make sure that you have real 5G in your location before getting a 5G phone


    you'll want to make sure that you get a phone that takes advantage of all modes of 5G, including the high-speed modes.

  • 7 months ago

    Yes, Latest models like the 11 Pro come with 5G on countries that have 5G infrastructure.

  • 8 months ago

    No currently no iphones come with 5G. hope so Apple provide 5G latest model.If you want 5G then you need to wait latest iphone model

  • 8 months ago

    My XS Max has 5g capability.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    No, and none of the current iPhones only come with 4g. If you want 5g then you'll need to look at a Samsung Galaxy s20 with 5g capabilities. 

    The iPhones that will likely be launched in October or November will have 5g versions. However rumors indicate that these will come with cheaper batteries. Apple is be a month later than normal with their next Generation launch.

  • 8 months ago

    I think the latest apple phone does, other companies like samsung, oneplus, gopogle, huawei do too.  You just need to make sure you have the correct phone and have a plan that supports 5g and are in a 5g area.

    The iphone SE i doubt comes with 5g.

  • 8 months ago

    Yes, one plus have 5G

  • Rico
    Lv 6
    8 months ago

    The iPhone 12 will probably be 5G compatible, but as with all other upgrades to mobile phone technology, the devices will still be able to access 4G, just as all current devices can still access 3G

  • 8 months ago

    No iPhones have yet been released with the necessary hardware to use 5G networks.

    Various leaks about the iPhone 12 due for launch later this year claim that model will have 5G capability, but it might not be available in all versions of the 12.

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