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Is slavery still white people's fault?

There are 167 countries that still have slavery, affecting about 46 million people.

While over a hundred countries still have slavery, six countries have significantly high numbers:

India (18.4 million)

China (3.4 million)

Pakistan (2.1 million)

Bangladesh (1.5 million)

Uzbekistan (1.2 million)

North Korea (1.1 million)

Other countries that have significantly high slave populations are Russia, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Egypt, Myanmar, Iran, Turkey, and Sudan.

Well, of all those, only one, Russia, is a traditionally 'white' country.  So why are white people still held to blame for slavery?

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    Slavery is part of the history of every nation in this world at some point and most of them are not "white" countries.  Even our native Americans owned slaves.  African tribes owned slaves of other tribes and even sold them in the Atlantic slave trade.  Arabs owned slaves.  Romans owned slaves, etc., etc.  

    For some reason, only the whites who live in a 240 year old country can never ever be forgiven even though only a very small percentage of them ever owned slaves and no slave or slave owner is still alive.  There are still countries with slavery today but certainly not here.  Its an unacceptable thing to do to another human being and always has been.  Now we have human trafficking and sex slavery but who is protesting that ugliness?  No, the left fights to allow all kinds of stuff to come over our borders with no restrictions.  

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    Slavery has been around  since the early days of humanity, so  it never was white people's fault. It's always easier to cast blame on another person or race or  anything, rather than to say that it's a major problem, and how do we as human beings fix it.

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    They never were.  It’s an African tradition.  Those slaves were captured by Arabs and other black Africans 

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    Yes you are very evil

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    NO. In fact, the institution of slavery in the United States was instituted by a black man, Anthony Johnson, in the 17th century when he went to court to argue that his indentured servants should be his property for life. Johnson won his case. Prior to Anthony Johnson's court case, there were NO owned human beings in the New World. 

    Oh, and another significant point, by the outbreak of the Civil War, as many as 15% of all slaves in the SOUTH were owned by freed blacks. 

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    Indirectly, many white people are still causing slavery to be so profitable around the world as a consumer of products made by slaves, but so are all other people in the USA. 

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    No the only slavery today is Democrat's control over blacks. White people today are trying to get our of the way so they do not get beat up by the terrorists groups BLM and ANTIFA

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    Absolutely not. The way I look at it is that we have to accept the fact that slavery is part of our shared history and we need to learn by our mistakes.

    Slavery is wrong. No race has the right to own another race. Period. 

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