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Conservatives, what's going on with your party?

Rick Gates: Convicted. 

Paul Manafort: Convicted. 

George Papadopoulos: Convicted. 

Mike Flynn: Convicted. 

Michael Cohen: Convicted. 

Roger Stone: Convicted. 

Steve Bannon: Arrested. 

Donald Trump: Impeached.


Thomas? What are you talking about? 

Update 2:

Go ahead. Let's see the list of Democrats that equal the latest corruption and awfulness of the GOP. Go ahead. I dare you. 

Update 3:

Pardons don't erase verdicts. Re-elected to what, reality television status? 

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    I particularly liked that Bannon was charged with scamming Trump’s supporters out of 25 million. Bit of the scorpion and the frog, there. 

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    Epstein dead Sex scandal 

    Bill Clinton impeached Sex scandal

    Wiener resigned  Sex scandal

    Joe Biden  not yet tried sex scandel

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    2 months ago

    Nothing unusual.  Republicans have a long record of treason, corruption and law-breaking.  That's why they're members of the Republican party.

    @Riot King--You've already confessed you're located outside the U.S. Are you in the same troll farm as @Dmitri?  And, yes, Trump has been charged.  That's the definition of "impeach" in the U.S. 

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    2 months ago

    Nothing new or different, it's just business/politics as usual.

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    I'm pleased.

    Democrats usually get away with committing their crimes, and never get punished as they should. That is corruption at its highest. 

    (But with defunding the police, and abolishing all prisons, we'll let the social workers handle these convicted transgressions from now on, won't we.)

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    2 months ago

    Deep state shinanigangs apart of their plot to destroy good people and turn usa into a dictatorship


    Trump 2020

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    I do not believe there are any elected members of the "Conservative " party holding Federal office, or in any appointed roles. 

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    Leftists targeting friends and associates of Trump since they can't get Trump himself .

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    2 months ago

    Libtard dont make me pull out a long list of corrupt Demoncrats. 

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