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Why do so many people believe in the myth of racism?

Black activists and democrats like to tell people that racism is the cause of all the problems in the black community.  Why do they ignore the actual problems like single parenthood, lack of respect for others, lack of education, unwillingness to get a job and horrible parenting?  Is it because they would rather live on welfare?  Or is it that Democrats are afraid if they knew the truth they would start to vote republican?  Or a combination of the two?  

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    It is blatantly false that black schools receive less money than white schools.  Alternatively, black children attending white schools still under perform their white counterparts.  White flight is a thing but it has zero to do with racism and everything to do with wanting to live in a safe crime free community and one free of garbage.  Your argument of over policing is also another myth.  I've heard all the arguments and they are all based on distorted and manipulated data.  When people want to get serious about improving the lives of the black community they will stop blaming racism and focus on the actual problems.  

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    5 months ago

    Ironically you display racism in your post.

    Racism is very real, and the cause of lots of problems in the black community, including ones which racists like to put down to black cultural pathology.  For example, lack of education has to do with systemic underfunding of schools in black areas.  It also has to do with white flight, where higher income white people flee areas which are becoming more black because they don't want to live around so many black people.  This then reduces the tax base for school districts, which are generally funded on the local level.  Single parenthood is partially the result of overpolicing and racist sentencing practices which often punish African Americans more harshly than whites for similar crimes. 

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    Believe it or not, in today's world, white privilege is available to anyone of any race who follows these guidelines:

    1) Be raised in a two parent household that includes the biological FATHER, where the father supports you financially, protects you from miscreants, and will not tolerate poor grades nor dropping out of school nor any other malfeasance on your part.

    2) Get a good education, including a high school graduation (a GED does not count) as well at least some community college or better, that will lead to a good paying job opportunity.

    3) Speak and write grammatically correct English that is devoid of any profanity.

    4) Get a good job and get up and go to work every day without fail.

    5) Refrain from committing criminal acts in any form, including no illegal substance abuse.

    6) Get married before fathering or giving birth to your first child, and refrain from fathering or having your first child until you are at least 21 years of age.

    These behaviors are the key to obtaining 'white privilege' and therefore "winning". Unfortunately, only Asians (other than whites) seem to have embraced these values in earnest. African Americans seem to violate all six premises on a continual and routine basis. Oh well, so much for transferring white privilege to them. It will probably never happen, (but I will be hoping it will happen, someday.)

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    All I know is that ' racism ' in America is so rare that the Leftist SJW feel compelled to fake and hoax it in an attempt to remain relevant .

    Where else in the world is ' racism ' so rare they have to fake it ?

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    5 months ago

    Most people usually bring their problems upon themselves. Why should Black people be any different.

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    Stay in school.  Don't have kids out of wedlock.

    Regardless of race, these are the two most significant factors in breaking the cycle of poverty.

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