How to limit internet for gaming?

My son is somewhat addicted to gaming.

Despite many attempts for us to limit the internet access, he always manage to find a way. 

It is quite complicated since he also need his computer for school task (during school session). Other family member also need internet access. The point is just to limit the access to his gaming.

Things I've done:

- Setting a schedule by using parental control on the modem on a specific device (using mac address), he bypassed it.

- BIOS password, he reset it by removing the jumper on the motherboard.

- Wifi password, he reset it, he also have hardwire access.

The setting for our place is :

1 modem router in the garage

2 extra routers for each floors which is one is inside his bedroom

Access limits could be in (either one):

- Time

- Speed

- Specific Site

It may be in the form of software or hardware.

It needs to be fool proof with no possible way to bypass it.

Thank You in advance.

M/R = modem router

R = router + switch

Thank You in advance

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    You would technically need to purchase some type of enterprise grade firewall to hook straight into the cable modem like a Zywall USG and configure it for scheduled user based authentication and content filtering.  It's complicated to configure.  

    Frankly I think you are going about it in the wrong way, since trying to restrict someone tech savy with physical access to the household network equipment is quite difficult.  If he needs a gaming computer to play the type of games he likes then you just remove the gaming system from the household and just leave him with something that can just barely run his school stuff.  If he violates your rules you just think of creative punishments for every-time he bypass's a restriction.  Things like removing his favored food from the house and the furniture in his room shouldn't be off the table.  

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    I'm sure your ISP or internet service provider will have some kind of parental control built into their service. I know they do here in the UK. It helps limit time online and stop browsing to certain websites etc.

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