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Will Apple ever have a mid range Mac Pro line?

I understand the $6,000 Mac Pro is expensive to make but I like the expandability and I'm still using my old 2009 Mac Pro but for mostly music.  Video editing is chugging along with my 1080p RAW videos and takes forever to edit with filters and adding more video layers.  I wish there was a Mac Pro for the mid tier guys like me.  I understand the new iMacs are fast but my 1080p RAW takes up huge space and eventually I will be getting a prosumer 4k camera shooting in RAW (which takes up even more space).  The iMacs are limited to one storage drive and I didn't want to use external drives for video editing in RAW, it's too slow even using thunderbolt connection.  I really like Final Cut Pro and I like it better than Adobe Premiere.

My Mac

2009 Macpro (upgraded to 1tb SSD, GTX 660)

Final Cut Pro Studio 2

Final Cut Pro X

Logic Pro X

My Gaming PC rig

i7 6700k

1tb Samsung SSD NVME (OS Drive)

4tb SATA III Samsung SSD 

GTX 1080

ROG motherboard


850 watts EVGA Powersupply

Thermaltake PC case

Coolermaster aircooler

Razer gaming mouse

Corsair red cherry gaming keyboard

Windows 10 Pro

My video editing system PC rig

1950x Threadripper

1000 watts Seasonic Prime Titanium Powersupply


MSI X399 motherboard

GTX 1060

1tb Samsung SSD NVME (OS Drive)

2tb Samsung SSD NVME

2tb SATA III Samsung SSD 

B Quiet PC Case (full ATX)

AIO cooler master

Razer green mechanical keyboard 

Logitech - G502 HERO Wired Optical Gaming Mouse 

Windows 10 Pro

Adobe Suite (subscription)

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    No. If anything, the stupidly high price of even the Mac mini shows that Apple would probably rather not make desktop computers at all (or they only cater to rich idiots).

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    No, My 2019 Mac book Pro that i'm typing on now was almost 2,000 dollars,i finally figured id do something nice for my self instead of being Mr.Cheapo,and although i do have the mid range iPhone XR, That's NOT the case with Apple's Computer line, they believe in being the best, while not altering there expensive price tags at all that still does NOT make up for the ABSURD price of the starting Mac pro desktop, I MEAN 53,000 DOLLARS? you could BUY not lease, a BRAND NEW CAR WITH THAT! so no, ill put it like this, find something that fits your budget, while still maintaining YOUR Price tag, like the 2011 Mac book Pro Retina 17 on eBay is PERFECT For what you do,and, it supports Mac OS Bigsur Public betas as well and will still have support from then on as of right now

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    3 months ago

    **** mac you can get a lixus distro for free and make it feel like mac os.

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