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Can we bet that Israel is behind sabotaging the high explosive chemicals at the seaport of Beirut to create the blast?

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    We can assume anything, but you should look larger and a little from far to more understand.

    I will just assume something logic, I am not saying it is true.

    Let's compare the mysterious blasts in Iran versus Beirut port, Iran had 3 or 4 blasts lately in a semi-nuclear plant, a hydro installations and underground weapon warehouse, nothing was revealed, and the Iranian government never pointed Israel or USA, here too, We don't know how that happened and Hizballa does not want to point Israel !

    I Think, (think only) that Israel bombed warehouse #9 knowing that it is full of weaponry for Hizballa, did not know that warehouse #12 was full of Ammonia nitrite, weapons exploded and bombed #12 that made that atomic blast.

    Israel knew right away that it's going to be few hours before the world discover that they made another war crime in the Lebanese civilian population, the western countries for help, Macron came to Beirut as a lovely dad, met with the pro-hizballa Lebanese government specially with the hizballa parliamentary group leader, threatened him to reveal more deadly things for the party and told him to obey and hide the truth that Israeli made the blast, and promised them if they take the blame from the Lebanese population, the western world will find them an exit for the international tribunal for Rafic Hariri assassination.

    The tribunal spoke today 18-08-2020, Hizballa is safe, Syria is safe and apparently Rafic Hariri killed himself !

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    Anything is possible.

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