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Did NASCAR fans booed Bubba Wallace and later cheered when his car crashed or no?

Black Nascar driver Darrell “Bubba” Wallace is receiving backlash after speaking out against the display of the Confederate flag at NASCAR events, which helped lead to the elimination of Confederate flags at its events.

During last week’s qualifier in Tennessee at Bristol Motor Speedway for NASCAR’s Cup Series All-Star Race, NASCAR fans booed Wallace at the introduction of his name and later cheered when he crashed on the racetrack, according to AP Sports Jenna Fryer.

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    Amerians... Their country is built upon migrating to a nation and killing all the natives believing they were superior. Claimed they are the land of the free, now can't cope with a section of society campaigning for more freedom. Gotta love it. I saw the race and heard the cheers. Disgusting behaviour. Helps prove that All the values americans claim to have is complete crap.

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