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How should I get my dog to listen ?

I got my dog last year at a shelter. She is a five year old beagle mix. She is a very good dog for the most part but she is terrible on walks lunging the whole time, barking snarling at other dogs that walk by. I make her sit and she has a harness with a handle so I can pull her back but no matter how many times I make her stop and sit with me she still pulls. We go on 30 min walks a day and we do that the whole walk. She still hasn’t learned. I clap to get her attention and nothing. 

Treats are not an option because instead of putting two and two together that the treat is for doing the good thing she just freaks out for the treat and jumps, barks, scratches because she wants the treat so bad. She does know basic things like sit, down, go lay down and spin but she won’t just do one at a time. She sees a treat and does them all at once. if I tell her to go lay down it takes 5-6 times saying it sternly for her to listen and she won’t stay. She also jumps on the door to get in from outside and barks uncontrollably at everything, even if my mom just walks in my room. I know she’s being protective but it wakes up the kids I babysit.I tried getting a button that makes a noise only she can hear to get her attention but she didn’t care. My friends puppy responded better to it. My next move was going to be a shock collar and just using the vibrating setting not the shock unless I absolutely need to. If there is anything else anyone can think of please tell me. Thanks!

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    Older dogs are a bit set in their ways.. You need to get some professional dog trainer or dog training program and a lot of patience.

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     training is the answer lots and lots of it

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    Your best bet is to hire a trainer because then you'll learn as well and you can use that knowledge on future dogs. But here are some other options:

    I would stop using the harness and switch to something else. Something that goes around the face like a gentle leader (must be correctly fitted so not to dig the dog in the face or poke in the eye). It simply pulls the face around so they can't pull. Similar to a halter with horses.

    At 5 years old and no medical conditions mentioned she needs more than 30 minutes of exercise a day. (this wasn't clear. Not sure if you meant 30 minutes a day or like 3 walks for 30 minutes). If you mean 30 minutes a day she needs more. Even if it's playing ball in the back garden. 

    Is she good on the lead before meeting another dog? If so, it's just the meeting other dogs that needs work. If not, you're best bet is to work on lead training. And saying a command more than once just desensitizes the dog to that command. The problems here are a bit to hefty for advice over the internet because I haven't seen the dog's behaviour to say what's causing it: it could be true aggression, fear, anxiety or it could be protectiveness (especially if she thinks you have food). No one on here (that I'm aware of) is a fully trained and experienced dog trainer/handler/behaviourist, all they are doing is passing on the knowledge of the few dogs they've handled, they don't have the kind of experience that someone trained will have who has worked with multiple dog's with problems. Your best bet really is to consult a damn good trainer who uses positive reinforcement as their training method. 

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    It will take a lot of patience but don't give up and you'd have to work with her every day on one command until she learns it and then move on to the next. I have an almost 2 year old female pitbull. And I had to work with her every day so she would have some common sense. We actually have 2 pitbulls that are 3 days apart. And the other one is a male and he's just dumb. He wasn't trained as a puppy so he doesn't know anything without treats or a rolled up newspaper. Just work with her every day and u should be fine, my female is like a circus poodle sometimes because she likes to jump in the air and twirl around in circles. And getting her to stop jumping is the hard part. 

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    I think I'd ditch the harness - there are some supposed non -pull harnesses available, but for the most part, a harness actually encourages a dog to pull, not the reverse.

    I'd use a head collar, or the mis-named 'choke chain' (which put on correctly just gives a quick correction, not a choke).

    I'd suggest you are finding out why this poor girl lost her previous home - no proper training when young so she's now a hooligan.   Add to which with the Beagle part of her, if you don't get what you want, you have to change youir approach so you make what you want, appear to be her idea.  Heaven knows what thie combination behind this b itch is - all part of what all too often goes badly wrong with mix-breeding!  And avoid the situations that produce this bad behaviour as much as you can.

    It might be a good idea to have somebody experienced in dogs come into your home to see what's going on and how you are responding to bad behaviour.

    ps    I'm assuming this is 'hound deafness', and that she's not actually deaf?

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    That's all stuff you have yet to teach her.  You got the right idea but don't know exactly how to get her to understand what you want from her.  It may help you to join an obedience class & learn all those basic commands like you are teaching her.  You can stop all the excessive barking, you can stop her from jumping on things/people/door, you can have her heel at your side & stop the lunging & pulling.  It's all things you have to work on.  You are getting there, just not as fast as you'd like but you are getting there.

    Google, 'Basic Obedience Training' & learn some other techniques of training & teach her all 7 of those commands.  You are doing good on your own but you have just a little ways to go & soon she can be an obedient dog & follow your commands.  Just keep going & keep learning.  You sound like a good teacher/trainer.

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    Go and book some basic dog training classes that will help you learn how to train a have a beagle ( mix) they are particularly driven by their nose, knowing that can help you design tasks ( games) where she learns by doing what she will like.

    You are doing several thigs wrong,,, a harness was designed to encourage a dog to pull and it be comfortable for them to pull... so change it for a simple collar and lead...she lunges at dogs  as she is not socialised correctly and making her sit won't help, it just gives her time to think about how she can lunge, feeding treats tells her you are happy what she is doing...a shock collar regardless of what setting you put it on, will make her anxious and all her issues far worse...but you can certainly add more issues she will get.....

    YOU need to learn how to train her, use your money to pay and you get trained correctly so you know how to teach her what you want

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    dog whistele....jhjhjh

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    ALL adopted dogs should be formally obedience trained by the new owner in a CLASS - as soon as an adoption is completed.  Many of your problems are due to DYI training.  

    You DO NOT walk a dog on a harness - which encourages PULLING, if you want the opposite to happen.  It is totally the WRONG piece of equipment for leash walking and IS NEVER used in obedience classes, unless a dog has a collapsed trachea.  A handle on a harness is usually to HELP DISABLED dogs => do STAIRS.  It is worthless, at helping a dog to HEEL by your side.You can TRAIN a dog to PAY attention - they teach it in my dog club's beginner classes ALL the time. (I am sorry you refused to take any reputably conducted formal training, where you could have picked this up.)  You have chosen to adopt a HOUND, they are less willing to please and harder to obedience train -to do what you want, than say a herding breed, but they are NOT "brain dead"  and can still be trained.  If classes are still not allowed where you live (and do not bother a pet store class) then HIRE a professional trainer to come work WITH YOU & your Beagle - in your yard or home.  Your dog's: rescue group, animal shelter, vet or the closest Beagle club, can help you find someone.

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    Yes.  Hire a trainer.  If you've made NO progress in one year you are in this beyond your ability.

    A "good dog for the most part" most definitely does NOT lunge, bark, snarl, refuse to stay, jump onthe door, bark uncontrollably and need a shock collar.  HIRE A TRAINER.

    I have two dogs, both rescues.  No one at the rescue ever realized she was almost 100% deaf.  I did, because she follows what the second dog does.  I'm not saying that's the case here, but it is a possibility.

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