What can Amazon's AWS Free Tier or Microsoft's Azure Free Tier do for me, an average computer user?

I see both of these Cloud providers offer lots of free services.  I'm not a programmer or business owner or an IT guy, but is there anything I can take advantage of being just an average computer user type person? 

Can I use the free offerings to mine Bitcoin?  Or donate CPU cycles to something like the IBM World Community Grid?  Can I use them to experiment with other Operating Systems in the Cloud vs. my PC?  Or run useful software they offer in the Cloud?


Again, for FREE!

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago
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    Those last two are okay. AWS's free tier computing instances (t2.micro) aren't suitable for constant tasks like Bitcoin mining and searching for virus cures, they're okay for mild activity with the occasional burst like small web sites. They are good for experimenting with the various cool stuff available in the cloud. Do that, and figure out how to make money from your new knowledge because they ain't free forever.

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