If you drive a smart car are you supposed to park so the back is noticeable or the other half of the space?

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  • 5 months ago

    The earliest Smart cars were small enough that it was practical and possible to park nose in or tail in to the kerb (UK spelling) and get two cars to fit one space. 

    That also meant it was very easy to park and to pull out again.The later models got longer and wider and although some people still do that, they stick out enough that they can be a hazard: they also stick out far enough that it can look as if they are waiting to pull out into traffic. So it is not only no longer advisable to park later models that way, but in many places worldwide it is illegal to park that way without adding additional reflectors and marker lights.

    Note that the short-lived Roadster models were longer and lower so were never suited to parking that way.

    Also with the original smaller models, many towns and cities worldwide would issue parking penalty notices if owners tried to save space by parking two cars in one single pay to park bay. 

    The latest models, developed jointly with Renault and built alongside the Renault Twingo, are the largest so far and are completely unsuited to parking nose in or tail in to the kerb. But they are definitely the best ones to drive.

  • Anton
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    5 months ago

    In some places, you can park in whatever space.

    In parking lots, I park to the entrance area of the space, so cars looking for an empty space will not swing into my car.   Same as with a motorcycle -- you need to place your vehicle to use the full parking space.

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