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I always have a fever?

I always have a temperature ranging from 98.9-99.5. Even if I feel fine, my temperature is high. It has been like this the past few months. I normally take my temperature orally, but I was wondering if it is normal to run so high, or if this could be a potential underlying illness?

I don’t have any symptoms that I know of with it. And I know that a 98.9-99.5 temperature is not technically a fever, but it is considered a low grade fever, and normal body temperature should be around 98.6.

Is anyone else like this?


I also dont take any medication besides birth control pills. But I do have really severe anxiety

Update 2:

Oh and I don’t do drugs or drink or smoke or any of that. I have before but not recently! 

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    That is not a "fever." It's perfectly normal for a person's body temp to fluctuate by a full degree, sometimes more. It doesn't mean anything except that's normal for you.

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    Anything can make you one degree over your normal body temperature smoking drinking alcohol taking any kind of a drug. Even no euphoric medicine even a dental filling can cause this

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