What secret does Richard Seth and Julian Assange Share. One is dead. And the other one wishes he was.?

Assange knows exactly who released those damn emails from

the DNC and it damn sure was not the Russians. Richard Seth

paid the ultimate price.


China Doll. 18 Years in Federal Law enforcement.. 30 total

US. Army Reserve. 12 active ODA team Leader 5th Grp SF,

2nd Battalion. Bravo Company. 18 as a Reserve Commander of Both

B teams and A teams.

Update 2:

I am a expert,

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    4 months ago
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    Julian Assange does not want to know who released them, he might have suspicions, but he would never tell.

    In July 2018 12 Russian military intelligence agents were indicted for hacking the e-mail accounts and networks of Democratic Party officials and by the U.S. intelligence community's conclusion the leaked DNC emails were part of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections.

    Rich's parents condemned the conspiracy theorists and said that those individuals were exploiting their son's death for political gain, and their spokesperson called the conspiracy theorists "disgusting sociopaths."

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