I was on the fence, thinking Kamala Harris was a brilliant choice for VP, but then...?

I tooted my horn for a guy carrying a Trump banner and a woman riding by on a bike let loose a diatribe of very unladylike invectives towards me. Not the sort of people I want to be associated with. I was not persuaded to her point of view. Quite the opposite. 

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  • Mark
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    5 months ago
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    No, there is a severe shortage of brilliance in the Democrat Party. 

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    This election is Trump vs Not Trump. There is a major divide in the country. Supporters of Trump are often nasty. Trump is nasty. Many people including me hate him. It has NOTHING to do with Kamala Harris. She's a better choice than Pence as someone who will actually work for a living.

    I categorize all Trump supporters as within one or more categories.

     1) Greedy rich people oogling over tax cuts they don't need or deserve

     2) Ignorant people who are more interested in rhetoric being told what they want to hear and ignoring what Trump is really about, and not educated enough to realize that the economy under Trump was fueled by increasing Federal debt before the mismanaged Pandemic.

     3) White nationalists and bigots afraid to share power, which eventually leads to a violent overthrow if not settled.

    Trump vastly increased the divisive nature of our our society. He fuels fires instead of trying to put them out. Why did you toot your horn for a Trump supporter?

    You labeled yourself as enemy of 60% of the country.

    Nothing to do with Harris or Biden. Biden is a very nice guy, and even Lindsay Graham said so and Trump we know lives for nastiness. If this is about who can mend the nation, it is Biden by far over Trump.

  • RP
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    5 months ago

    What does that have to do with Kamala? She is a wonderful person of limitless capability. My hope is she and Joe will be able to share their talents and potential with all of us.

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