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Is it possible to sell a house as is if it has mold if the neighborhood is good ?

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    Of course it's possible. The problem isn't whether it's possible, it's what price you would get for it because of the mold. And whether or not the issue that caused the mold has been fixed. If you want the best price, no matter WHAT neighborhood it's in, you fix the issues, then sell the house. If you don't want to or can't raise the money to fix them, then you have to disclose it to buyers, and let them know you will not be making any repairs.  It's an "as is"  sale. 

    many houses are sold without plumbing or electric--or furnaces--or windows and walls. But that's how they're sold--as is. The buyer has a right to know about any issues there are--so you have to tell them. 

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    2 months ago

    You can sell.  But make sure you put in your contract AS IS.   Very important. 

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    possibly, but the cost of remediation would  drop the sale price, if its bad enough, might be sold to a developer who will knock it down and rebuild

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    Any property is possible to sell at the right price.  You get less the more work that needs to be done and the worst image the house has.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Of course.  The back corner of our house had black mold when we bought it.  Some idiot decided to push the ground way up the side of the house - weird ideas.  Unleveling it the way the prior owner did caused pooling of water.  We ripped out the entire back of the house, raised the foundation about 6 inches, because it had been a step down, and redid the entire rooms - new walls, new everything, and we made a fabulous renovation/improvement.  Sure it cost money, but we were prepared for it.  And we fixed the quirky work the prior owner had in his mixed up brain.

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    Sure but the buyers will probably deduct 2 to 1000 times the cost of treating the mold, so you probably should just fix the problem and then sell the house.  You have to disclose the mold problem (where i am and in most states but maybe not all) if you are aware of it being above a certain level (so, you actually might be better off not testing it, in one regard - you aren't "aware" of the problem so no diclsoure required).

    I suggest treating the mold with a cup of bleach in a gallon of water, or hire a pro if the problem is bad or requires reapirs beyond the mold.

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