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How do I remove an app with a free trial so I don't get charged after the trail period on an iPhone?

First I know what I did was stupid and I should have looked more into it before I downloaded it. I just want to fix this if there's any chance of a charge before anything happens.

I downloaded the Picture This app which is a free plant identifier app on my iPhone. But then found out after I downloaded it and took one picture, it brought up 7-day free trial and stuff. So I deleted it without signing up for anything.

But I'm a little worried that after 7 days I might get charged for something.

So I've been looking online for how to do this and a lot of places I'm looking at say deleting the app doesn't cancel a free trial of any app you may download.

I've gone into "Settings" and into "App Store & iTunes" and then into my AppleID but I don't see the subscription button that's suppose to come up. Same for when I look at my account through the iPhone store.

Its still listed under "Purchase" with a zero bill total, but I have other apps listed under this that are required for my job that nobody has ever been charged for like Slack as we use the free options.

This is just my first time dealing with a free trial app and I want to know if deleting it removed any concern for a charge since I did not sign up for a free trail. It just showed me how the app works then brought up the free trial and I tapped the "x" in the upper right hand corner to get rid of it.


I forgot to mention (I'm still nervous over this) that I never received any confirmation through the email my AppleID is linked with about the app and I downloaded the app yesterday, I just didn't open it until today as I got a little busy.

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  • you  should  be  asking  these  questions … before  starting  the  free  trial!

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