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How can I convince my parents to let me stay out past curfew for one night? ?

Hi!!! Im 14 so I’m hoping to maybe get an adults advice on how to approach my parents about extending my curfew. I’ve never asked my parents to extend my curfew before so I don’t even really know how to go about it, but I have a friend who invited me to her cosmic bowling bday party. The party goes from 8pm-Midnight. The problem is that my curfew is at 7pm which is an hour before the party even starts. The party is September 26th so I still have a little over a month to talk my parents into it. Any tips to talk my parents into letting my go? I’d even be happy if I could only go for a short time. Like even just from 8pm-9pm. I don’t need the whole 4 hours. I have a good relationship with my parents, but they’re just really strict. I feel like if I don’t pitch the idea of me going to this party to them the right way then they’ll say no and not budge on it. 


My parents are going to let me go! They didn’t really like the idea of my staying out past curfew so they talked to my friend’s parents and I guess her parents invited them to tag along. I guess some of the other parents were worried about their kids staying out until midnight and are also tagging along. So I don’t really have a curfew for that day now since my parents will be out with me. That’s fine with me. I’m excited! 

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    First, your parents aren't really strict!  Clearly, they're raising a mature teen, and besides, I don't know any parent who would be comfortable letting a 14 year old stay out until midnight.

    When I say you're mature, it's because you've already figured out the answer when you mention not being there the whole time.  This is the art of compromise!  As each year passes, you'll have other things you want to do.  Like you say, there's a right and wrong way to approach it, and this will give you good practice.

    Sometimes it's easier just to give suggested wording:  "Mom and dad, I've been invited to "X"s birthday party and it's cosmic bowling.  The party runs from 8-12, but I know better than to ask for that time frame.  (You can even smile or laugh as you say this).  Would it work if I asked to be there from 8-10?"

    Also, you didn't say anything about transportation, but I assume your parents would be picking you up.

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    Have your friend's parent(s) extend your invitation through your parents.  That will give them the assurance you will be taken care of while out of the house at night.  And make it happen as soon as possible.  The more lead time you give your parents before the event, the better as it gives them more time to think before answering.  If it is from a parent they trust, chances are good.

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    I always asked my parents about those kinds of things straight up.  Curfew for me was 10 at your age.  I would ask the easier and more reasonable parent first.  For me it’s my mom.  Stricter than my dad but more flexible with the rules.  And then tell them att he same time and ask them to really just think about it before giving you a final answer.  My parents always let me go because i grew up with all my close friends.  They know my friends and parents, as long as they can reach you on your phone and you don’t abuse it i don’t see a reason

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    just tell them everything and see what they say

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    Is she a good friend? Do your parents know her? My parents were pretty strict when I was young so I understand where you're coming from. You have time to plan this out. Bring the friend around for them to meet her, find out if her parents will be at the party, how your parents will feel about boys being there. Then ask them after you have the answers to every question they could possibly ask. I'd ask for a 10pm curfew so you have time to bowl, but it also get home at a reasonable time. 

    Good luck!

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