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Do you think children should learn to call it a penis and a vagina?

I saw a thing on Facebook basically giving an example of why it's important. I tried to put the picture in so I just explain what it gets at. It gives an example of how a girl says my uncle licked my cookie and the teacher said something like ask for another cookie and then the mother talked to the teacher and said that her child had a rash on her cookie and the teacher figure out what the child was trying to say. It basically got at if you don't teach your child to use the right term then adults can miss important sexual abuse warning signs. And also said anatomy isn't a bad word. So should we teach kids that it's called a penis and vagina?


I also found out pedophiles are more scared when the child knows what to call it.

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    Sure we should. An elbow isn't a bendy. Children spoken to in a full vocabulary are smarter, more communicative, do better in school and are more capable of expressing themselves in general. Baby talk is actually bad for babies! It teaches them to talk in baby talk. They can learn any language they are exposed to. 

  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    depends on how mature they are

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    Of course children should learn at an early age the proper name of their parts as well as the common slang terms. I suspect, though, that a lot of mothers don't know the terms vulva and labia and therefore default to unique family words or call the whole region a vagina. Also, it's common for parents to use cute baby terms for everything, which never mature as the child does. It was also normal and standard for doctors to give girls a doll to point to where it hurts, a Victorian practice. Real words are better. When I taught 7th grade I had to explain that a boy's testes are not buried in his thighs like the 7th grade Science book showed. No wonder our kids are behind the rest of the world.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Yes. Children who don't know about sex are more likely to get abused or engage in unprotected activity once they get older. They shouldn't be shamed sexually. You can't protect them from the real world forever.

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  • alan P
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    2 months ago

    It seems perfectly fine to me that children should learn the normal words for any part of the body.  Around half the people in the world have a penis and around another half have a vagina so we are not talking about something outlandish here.  I would also say that children should learn that the outer part of the female genital area is called the vulva and that the vagina is the inner part.  A lot of people, even adults, call the vulva the vagina. In most cases you can tell from the context what they mean but why not give it it's own name?  I don't see anything wrong with the conversation between a little girl and her mother going something like this: 'What's this Mummy?' 

    'That's your vulva,'

    'Have you got one?'


    'What about Daddy?'

    'No he has a penis instead.'

    How would it help anyone if the mother refused to answer or used other words to describe the parts of the body?

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